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Dana Carvey is an American comedian. Most know him by way of SNL (Saturday Night Live). He’s loaded with personality and has portrayed many characters in various comedy skits. My favorite is “Church Lady”.


Dana Carvey is one of my favorite comedians. He has often entertained me with his refreshing brand of clean wholesome comedy. Like most who know this comedic genius by way of SNL (Saturday Night Live), if asked they would likely agree that most of his comedy skits are very funny. Funny? That’s an understatement. FREAKING HILARIOUS!! That’s a better description.

Just to look at this guy, you instantly like him without even knowing what he does for a living. He’s almost 60 years old (DOB: June 1955), yet still has that sweet innocent face that just makes you want to pinch his cheeks as if he’s a cute little baby. Don’t mess with the guy though. Don’t think just because he’s humble and all smiles that you can run him over. Several years back it was reported that he had undergone heart surgery and it turns out the doctors screwed up the operation. He sued and the monetary damages awarded by the court were contributed to charity. That sounds just like something he would do.

Also a few years back, Oprah Winfrey interviewed him and he discussed how he created his characters. He does great impersonations, especially of U.S. Presidents, but for me his most memorable character will always be “Church Lady”. It is very hard to find a video that has been uploaded to share here. NBC Universal is particular about copyright infringement. However several – though not all – of the Church Chat videos are available for viewing on YAHOO! Screen.  If you ever get a chance to watch some old re-runs of SNL shows, the episode where Church Lady slugged it out with Sean Penn, like Frasier and Ali, will have you rolling in laughter!


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Feature Image: Photo by Alan Light found at Wikimedia Commons, Dana Carvey at the 1990 Emmy Awards; and Dana Carvey as The Church Lady found at Wikipedia

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