‘Star Trek Beyond’

Long time and hark lone “Star Trek” fans will some familiarity with “Star Trek Beyond” with several phrases that were used in previous shows or films and a real story line that wasn’t just moving from big action to big action. And parents will be happy to know that the film is not a profane filled affair.


“Beyond” was written by Simon Pegg – Montgomery Scott. Elements of “Wrath of Kahn”, “Search for Spock”, “The Voyage Home”, and original series programs were all evident in the film; not in action or story line but in dialogue and reactions like the birthday scene, the familiar McCoy’s “I’m a doctor, not a…” scenes, and the “hold on to something” scene for example. Not stealing or laziness but a true desire to tie things together with familiarity for a beloved franchise.

In three years of the original television series, Captain James T. Kirk managed to keep his ship in tack, but since the films began, Hollywood and Kirk have been rough on the USS Enterprise, frequently destroying the ship. And Beyond is not different in that regard.

But one thing about this the third film in the JJ Abrams alternate timeline was the references to events and times in the Roddenberry timeline beginning with when the “mission” took place. The film opens simply enough with the voice of Kirk making a log entry that states they are three years into the five year mission – what could conceivably be about the time that the original television series ended.

Sulu with a family and Spock’s un-Spock like behavour may seem a little odd and out of place, but are not out of place with the current timeline.

The tribute pad to Leonard Nimoy as the original Spock was a nice touch and tastefully done. And adding Anton Yelchin’s name with Nimoy’s at the end was a nice touch.

Unlike the previous Abrams films, Beyond showed the friendships and character relationships that long time fans of the franchise were used to seeing. Kirk and Spock as best friends, Spock and McCoy’s sometimes contentious relationship but underneath it all were good friends. The relationship Kirk had with his crew and his trust in and dependence upon them.

“Star Trek Beyond” is a film that brings together the old and new with familiarity for the old fans and continuity to previous Abrams films for the new fans. And with a fourth film in the new series already planned, Beyond leaves plenty of space for a new story…and adventure.

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