Start Campfires Without Flame

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How to Start Campfires Without External Flame 

How to start campfires

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If you are in a desperate situation where you really need a campfire for cooking, security or warmth, would you know how to start a viable campfire with no flame or match?  Could you keep a fire burning without any chemicals?

There are several ways that this can be done. One way is to have a flint rock and some steel, in order to start some sparks and light up a few dried wood embers.

Making a Fire Using Friction

The best way to start a campfire without matches and when no flint rock is available is to use friction. You make a fireboard and kinder from very dry wood. The best wood to use for creating embers that can grow into a fire comes from Aspen, Cypress, Cedar, Cottonwood, Juniper, Walnut and Willow trees. The key thing is that the wood must be very dry, even bone dry. If it is not then the sun in the day time will have to be used to dry out the wood completely.

Getting Started

how to start campfires

Flint, steel and charcoal for starting a fire without matches.

Make a fireboard that is about two feet long and as wide as possible, up to six inches. Cut or carve a groove in the fireboard, making it into a plough board. This grove is the track for a long medium thickness spindle of wood to use for rubbing forward and back in the groove or trough until the friction causes some embers to start burning.

Run the tip of the long piece of wood up and back, up and back, pressing down on the trough as much as possible. The friction caused will build up and eventually some embers will be pushed into the tinder you put at the end of the trough. These embers will catch and start a small fire on the lightest pieces of timber. Once they catch and smoke you blow on them, gradually making the fire larger and larger.

Once you have done this a few times, giving demonstrations to your friends and family on how to start a campfire without a flame, you will find it is almost second nature. This is a skill that could, in certain situations save some lives.


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