Started Vlogging My Weight Loss Journey

I’ve blogged about my weight loss journey for a long time. I started a Blogger blog four years ago to help document the tips I’d gained and the journey I was on, and I’m still there. This isn’t really a blog to make money (although it is monetized) but one for my own personal needs.

Now I’ve started vlogging about it, too. I started a couple of weeks ago, more as a way to build up my vlogging experience and really do enjoy it. I’ve always loved making videos but never really stuck to a plan; and never vlogged continuously. Now it’s time to change that.

I’m trying to share a video a day. There have been some days that I’ve missed, like Sunday this week. It’s not because I have nothing to say, but because I’ve not set up a proper schedule for vlogging yet. One of these days I’ll get something all set up and there will be a new video from me on a weekly basis. There’s no excuse not to have one, to be honest. With a smartphone, I can do the video on the phone right now and upload straight to YouTube. I will end up getting a great camera to do the videos and have some video editing software on my computer. I used to have it, but it disappeared with an old laptop.

Once I’ve gotten a schedule with my weight loss vlogs, I’ll be able to move onto another area of expertise. I want to do reviews—I did start with that on my channel—and I want to share more tips about writing.

Have you started vlogging? Maybe it’s something you’re considering. Feel free to leave a comment about your vlogging experience.

Image by Alexandria Ingham

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