Some states sure do love their animals

America does a great and fantastic job to keep animals happy and comfortable.

I will give you some states that take extra special care of the animals of their state. These people are a bunch of special people.

In Hawaii, the rarest duck in the Northern Hemisphere, Layson Ducks, who are also on the endangered species list. In the fall of 2014 twenty-eight of these ducks were helped to be taken to a rehabilitates area that is like their habitat that is natural to them. All of these ducks were taken to their new home and hopefully they are happy was done by the Hawaii Wildlife Center.
In Vaughn, Mississippi Charlie Munford, who is a farmer who also went to Yale University for schooling. He raises organic lamb and beef, and at least he doesn’t drug them up with hormones  nd antibiotics just like his grandfather farmed. He sells his meat to cities in Mississippi like Jackson and then he also sells as far as New Orleans, Louisiana

The loons who live in New Hampshire are lucky indeed.. Thye reason they are lucky is that people in New Hampshire genuinely care for them.

There is the group the New Hampshire’s Loon Preservation Committee. They keep track of how many loons are in New Hampshire. They gather sick or injured ones  and make them all better.



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