Stay Cool with Pelican’s 30Qt Elite Cooler


Pelican 30Qt Elite Cooler

Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean the end of being thirsty. So hanging out with friends in the backyard or at a park or even tailgating had better include some drinks. Coolers are smart ways to keep drinks cool, but how many drinks they can hold isn’t the question — it’s how many people can benefit from the fact that the cooler is filled up. Pelican’s 30Qt Elite Cooler doesn’t care because it’s got that really big belly you’ve been looking for .

Pelican insulated containers are known for being able to handle tough assignments, with construction geared towards extreme durability. All this has been translated into the Elite Cooler, so a high-end performance is totally to be expected. And the Elite cooler delivers: the body, handle and spigot are polypropylene, while the hardware is corrosion resistant stainless steel. The latch is ABS plastic and the all-important insulation runs through the body of the cooler with a freezer-grade gasket for extreme ice retention. Rugged, you bet. Useful, even more so since that polyurethane insulation thickness isn’t puny but a good 2.10 inches. All this explains why you don’t just sling the Cooler but pick it up with care and respect.

The Elite Cooler’s dimensions are 25.30″ x 19.00″ x 18.50″ — that’s obviously big and considering that the interior can hold up to 30 quarts, translate that into one heck of a lot of cans or bottles or a heady mix of the two. Of course plan to add ice, but even so that’s one big “box” for holding drinks (or steaks waiting for the signal to head for the grill or practically anything you need to keep cool).

That’s not to say that the Elite Cooler is awkward to move around — it’s not. But the non-skid rubber feet keeps it put until you decide you want it elsewhere. There’s an ergonomic design philosophy working here that makes its usefulness as obvious when lifted as when seated down. And once you’ve opened the hatches and broken the freezer-grade seal, the contents inside won’t have cared what heat you’ve had to bring them through. The Elite Cooler’s latches have been made for easy use when wearing gloves (and obviously just as easy without). Plus the angled spout allows for a quick drainage of liquid via a threaded plug connected to a garden hose attachment (showing just how much thought Pelican has put into every aspect of this cooler).

And for those who are looking to keep fish in the Elite Cooler (and there are plenty who will find this highly useful for this purpose), there’s an integrated fish scale on the lid.

The Pelican 30Qt Elite Cooler sells for $274.95 and comes in a number of two-tone color choices But regardless of color scheme (of which there are many), you can expect it to do the job you have planned for it.

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