Stay Cool Using Lap Desk Pillow

I had to find ways to stay cool while using a lap desk on a pillow. Not everyone can sit at a desk to work on a computer. It might be hard to fathom any other way to work, but because of neck and back problems, I sit in a recliner with the footrest up.  Without the pillow, my laptop wouldn’t be high enough to keep me from having to crank my neck downward. My solution works since I don’t have to bend my neck in the least, but the layered stack makes me uncomfortably warm, especially in the summer.


A Ceiling Fan Helps But Doesn’t Completely Solve the Problem

Thankfully I work in the lowest level of the house. It’s the coolest space, but the pillow, lap desk and laptop still make me feel far too warm. I usually have the ceiling fan running at top speed, but my husband complains that his legs get cold. If only I had that problem! He can cover up, but I’m already covered by my makeshift lap desk combo. I’ve had to find ways of staying cool with a laptop desk on a pillow. It’s the only way that I can work, and I don’t want to feel warm. If I had to choose, I’d rather feel too cold than too hot. As the old saying goes, a person can always cover up, but those who are warm can’t remove everything. That isn’t the exact saying, but I’m sure that you understand since you’re likely also in search of a solution. Since my pillow/desk combo are necessary, I can’t remove them while working.


I Bought a Cooling Pad for My Lap

I thought that I would have to spend more to keep cool while using a lapdesk. I found a LINENSPA Instant Cooling Pad. It has numerous uses, but it works exceptionally well as a lap cooler. The filling is considered ‘phase change’ material, and it doesn’t have to be placed in a freezer or fridge to chill, but that’s the fastest way to chill it. As the description says, it remains cool for hours at a time, even on my legs. If it was in the freezer, it’s too cold for comfort, but I solved that problem by placing it on a layer of fabric. I haven’t had to clean it, but it can be wiped clean with a dampened cloth. I haven’t experienced any problems, but it came with a three-year warranty. You can’t go wrong with the cheapest cooling lap pad available, especially since it’s warranted. 

LINENSPA Instant Cooling Pad with Phase Change MaterialLINENSPA Instant Cooling Pad with Phase Change Material – $17.99


It Works to Keep the Lap Cool

Others must have loved it as much as I do since it’s a five-star rated product. It’s a great pad to keep the lap cool. I plan on buying one for my bed pillow as well as one to place beneath my dog’s cushion. I’ve discovered many phenomenal uses for the cooling pad. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking ways to stay cool while using a lap desk on a pillow and for any other use they can think of. It’s a fantastic product, especially for the price. I was prepared to spend at least twice as much, but at least I didn’t have to. 

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