Stephen Hawking Voice Software Now Free

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Stephen Hawking Voice Software Now FREE

The software technology known as ACAT is now available for free. This is the software that provides the Stephen Hawking voice. This announcement was made by Intel Labs, in August of 2015.  Now, more people with voice disabilities will have hope. 

Intel Labs developed this technology over a period of three years. The project was meant specifically to help Stephen Hawking, the well-known and respected physicist.  Mr. Hawking suffers from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The medical term for ALS is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS causes atrophy and loss of human muscle use.


Release As Open Source Hoped to Speed User Development

The software is free because it was released with an open source software license. This release will allow the faster development of products aimed at helping anyone with voice disabilities. Intel Labs is also the developer of the computer chips used in many Microsoft computer products. Thus, ACAT software only runs on a PC. At this time, no versions of the software are available for Apple Macintosh computers.

Intel has reported a heavy demand already for the software by universities and developers who have been hoping for this day. The release of this software with open source license means Intel Labs has done a wonderful thing. The stated reason for the release in this way is as follows. 

“Our vision is to enable any developer or researcher who can bring in value in sensing, UI, word prediction, context awareness, etc. to build on top of this, and not have to reinvent the wheel since it is a large effort to do this.”


Anyone Can Download Software Now On GitHub

Many future developments will involve support and collaboration with Intel Labs. However, it is possible for anyone to download the software to their computer using GitHub. This is how people build and develop further open source software, such as the Intel ACAT code. With a community of more than 10 million people, developers collaborate and contribute to over 26 million open source projects. Taking Intel’s ACAT to the next step GITHub is where the collaboration will take place.

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