Store and Access Photos/Video With The Kwilt Shoebox

Smartphones have made it easy for everyone to take pictures and shoot videos, except now they’re being kept on phones and clogging up space needed for other things. So some are turning to cloud services to store them. Which means there’s no guarantee of privacy. What’s needed is having your pictures all in one place where you are the boss of them — meaning not paying for someone else to store them for you or someone else being responsible for keeping them safe. What’s needed is the Kwilt Shoebox which, as the name implies, can become the 21st Century equivalent of that cardboard box that your grandparents used to toss their paper pictures into for safe keeping.

The Kwilt is a number of things, but at its heart its a personal “cloud” device that lets you store and access your photos and videos over your home network. So right there that means individual security where you’re not one of hundreds of thousands storing their digital stuff. It also means using the Internet to tap into your home network to not just get to your digital images/videos, but also being a means for transmitting what you’ve shot back to your own storage. Here’s how it all comes to be.

Kwilt is about the size of a paperback book, but that’s enough room for the needed electronics. It plugs into a wall, so no battery worries there, and no cables to get bummed out about either because it has its own Wi-Fi (802.11N/2.4 GHz). This means it integrates with your home network and so allows access both at home as well as away. You pick the USB hard drive you want used with it — whatever size, doesn’t matter — and connect it so it now has storage. Low on space means just getting a bigger drive to connect (or adding a hub and then adding more drives into the mix). Since the drive isn’t formatted with an archaic proprietary format, you can move it over to your PC to take images or videos out if you want — in other words you can pretty much do whatever you want because the photos and videos are yours and they’re right here.

Keep in mind also that you don’t need to compress for storage anymore — everything can be Hi-Rez cool since you’ve downloaded the free app and gone through the steps to have Kwlit become your personal photo/video server. So take maybe a half hour at the most (including setup) and ready your phone or tablet or Windows laptop/computer.

The Kwilt is “controlled” through an app (program). The apps for are iOS, Android and MS Office 365 (sorry Mac), with an add-in for Outlook, and yes it lets your access your other social media networks and cloud storage services, should you wish. So you can take pictures and videos and instead of leaving it on your phone you can send it through the “cloud” to Kwilt for safekeeping. But that doesn’t mean the app’s that simple, boring or bare-bones.

You can also edit and modify photos, type using the KwiltKeys keyboard and search for photos, employ filters for the search and access what you have. The app also offers the convenience of ordering paper prints too — it’s kind of nice to hold a special memory without an LCD screen interfering, but should you disagree, just ignore it.

And being platform independent, Kwilt doesn’t care if you traded in your iPhone for an Android, or spend more time on your laptop than your tablet.

Finally, the Kwilt has one other connection on it that needs to be mentioned — one that you have to be at home to use: a HDMI cable can go from it to your TV for using that big screen for watching something other than commercials.

The Kwilt Shoebox retails for $59.00 and that’s it — no added fees or subscription charges or anything else. Just you, your photos and videos, whether you’re at home or not.

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