Styling Tricks to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

We can’t always stop our hair from thinning, but we can make the ,most of every strand we have left with a few simple styling tricks that will make thin hair look thicker.

Use styling products formulated to add volume to hair and protect from your tresses from heated styling tools. Air dry thin hair when possible and when it’s not possible use the lowest heat setting on blow dryer and other heated styling tools to prevent damage and breakage to hair.

Teasing and using hair spray to create volume usually backfires – it damages hair and makes you look older. Go for a more natural hairstyle and use volumizing mousse to hold wayward strands in place.

Dry shampoo will instantly perk hair strands up and make them look thicker when they begin to flat in mid-afternoon. People with fine or thin hair have fewer strands to soak up the oil secreted by the scalp (sebum) and by mid-afternoon thin strands are flat and glued to the head by the greasy sebum. Blast the scalp oil away and make hair look thicker for the remainder of the day with dry shampoo.

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