The Most Stylish Sportsmen Ever

Yes, they can play, but can athletes dress? Style and sports are not known as natural bedfellows. Nonetheless, the two are quite a powerful combination when used. The world of sports is associated with sweat, the helmet hair and is dominated by men wearing chinos and tracksuits. Surprisingly, there are quite a few sportsmen who are the exception and are famous for their style and have become fashion icons. Listed below are some of the most stylish sportsmen ever. They are the athletes who changed how we think of the world of sports.

1. Muhammad Ali

The legendary boxer was not only known for his prowess in the boxing ring but also for his dressing style. He is well-known for having combined boxing and bling. His outfits were always impeccable. Whether it was tuxedos or stylish pre-match boxing robes, he could pull it off. Though he rose to fame long before many athletes knew the importance of dressing up, he would always dress like someone who knew that all eyes would be on him. Fashion may not be the most remembered thing about him as he had many other things going for him including his killer smile and charm, but it will always be among his significant accomplishments.

2. David Beckham

He is maybe the most stylish sportsman to in the world to-date. He put his sarong-wearing days behind him and embraced three-piece suits. He has become a fashion icon and together with his wife Victoria, they were a very sought-after couple by many designers. His style is impeccable yet is never over the top or overdone. Many of his fans have tried to emulate his style.

3. Tiger Woods

In today’s sports, it is no surprise to see athletes going an extra mile to showcase their dressing style off the field. Tiger Woods is no exception. Due to his sports achievement and despite personal life scandals and doping usage, the golfer has been classified as a modern exhibit of art by many magazines. He has progressed from wearing baggy jeans and T-shirts in the 90s to the too-tight T-shirts we have come to love. He has even gone further to have a clothes collection named after him. The Tiger Woods Collection includes shirts, hats, pants as well as shoes.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

He is the among the world’s most famous stylish athletes. He plays for the Spanish team Real Madrid as a forward and captain. However, his popularity does not end on the field. His sense of style has led to him appearing on various lists of the best-dressed men in the world. His style is the smart-casual type. He occasionally sports formal blazers teamed with jeans and shoes. He is also known for his mastery of the art of layering during cold weather. His style is unique and casual which makes it easy for fans to imitate.

5. Larry Fitzgerald

Larry is the wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. He is one of the many NFL players who has made it to the list of the best-dressed men not only in America but also in the world. Some of his fans have emulated some of the elements of his dressing style which make him stand out. These elements include; his wardrobe, which has been said to hold over 100 suits as well as more than 300 shoe pairs; bold pocket squares; diamond studs among other accessories. Larry takes full advantage of all his focal points making him stand out from the other athletes.

6. Adam Scott

PGA golf is among the most popular sports in the world. Millions of people worldwide watch it and hence it is no surprise that the golfers should dress well to impress the crowds for more attention. One of the best stylishly dressed among them being Adam Scott. Some of the significant focal points that fans can emulate to dress like Scott include; embracing the argyle print style, sticking to narrow-cut ties, as well as incorporating Bulberry pieces into their closets. Adam Scott is among the few golfers to bring style to the golf field.


Sports is not just about the sweat and tracksuits. The above mentioned are only a few of the most stylish sportsmen ever. Sports and style are a powerful combination.

[Featured Image via Pixabay]

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