Subliminal Suggestion Can Manipulate The Outcome Of Remote Viewing Results

head-674131_640Subliminal suggestion is everywhere. It’s always around us and it’s often used heavily by advertising agencies.

Advertisers come up with memorable little jingles for their television and radio adverts, jingles that tend to stick in your mind, making you remember the company or product next time you hear them.

You then associate the jingle with the relevant company or product being advertised. The advertisers intentionally place certain images and phrases on billboards and in magazines to do the same thing.

It’s all subliminal suggestion and it will always have an influence on us to some extent. In fact, suggestive techniques have been proven to be effective on about one third of all people.

Psychological Illusionist, Derren Brown, has showcased on Channel 4 television exactly how effective subliminal suggestion can be by giving some students the toothache of their lives, stabbing a needle right through one of their hands causing them no pain at all and then finally setting up a remote viewing experiment with two advertising executives.

At the end, Brown explains how the success of the remote viewing experiment was achieved via the use of nothing more than subliminal suggestion.


[ Image from Pixabay – Public Domain – ]

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