Sunny Miami and the Feelings of Being Blessed

Today is certainly a sunny day and there’s so much to be “grateful” for. For one, to be able to awake with sight, and a sound mind. No matter what occurs in a day. There’s a reason to give praise. A good Amen. There may be a lot of worldly problems but that doesn’t mean the problems should cause sadness or despair. There may be times when we’ll have to face some of the most challenging people and keep the mouth from saying something very damaging. Prayer helps to keep the tongue in tact. 

“Being blessed doesn’t always mean having a lot of money.” Blessed is when we’re able to walk, talk, and we’re able to smell the roses. To be able to hear the birds chirping and the cars passing by. There’s a lot of reasons to feel blessed. Some are unable to receive clean drinking water and are living on the streets. Even if we’re coming across a lot of confusion. Thanking God is a way to get rid of all of the negatives that are certainly in the world. 

Miami is a sunny place and that’s why so many love to travel to Miami. The beaches are a main attraction then there’s the night life. A lot of restaurants and a lot do to so. Miami of course has its up’s and downs. All in all Miami is a pretty good city. There’s other destinations which are wonderful as well. There’s not a lot of real winters here. The sunshine is what a lot are after.” There’s a blessing” in each day. Even when the troubles arise. Troubles won’t last always. 

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There may a lot of people who will try to spoil a person’s day. If one throws up an Amen and a smile then then the mood won’t be altered. Some may not feel blessed because they’re going through so much. Even the smallest of blessings are considered blessings. Some are going through more than others. Not knowing where they’re going to lay their head. Thankfulness for being able to “wake up” and walk around. There have been mornings when doing so was difficult to do. 

In time perhaps Miami will be a home away from home but in the meantime Miami is home. The mangoes are blossoming and Miami certainly has a lot of mango trees as well as coconut trees. There’s a lot to see and being able to seen the scenery is a blessing. Some may have “thoughts” of being able to see the wonderful Creations God has Created. Even if the day is stormy. There’s still hope within. There’s the thoughts of God allowing me to still be here. There’s a purpose in it all. 

There’s Gratefulness Even in Troubling Times.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

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