Support a Cause, Stick with that Cause

It is wondeful when people support causes with their time, talents and financial contributions. Sometimes people raise a level of awareness, but the real work is not always in the spotlight. 

Celebrities and professional athletes are sometimes in the habit of wearing T-shirts to support certain causes or in some cases to make political or social statements. What is their goal? Making a point? Raising awareness? Or is it just about shining the spotlight on themselves so that they can get some additional PR? 

Regardless of their motivations, will the media cycle grow tired of the cause and quickly move on? Possibly.

Can I make one suggestion? When it comes to causes, know what you are supporting and stick with it. 

It is great to raise awareness, but having worked with non-profits, it also helps a great deal to raise funds over a period of time. After all, the needs don’t go away just because there was a successful fundraiser for one month. When you think about Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it is evident that society can make a difference when they are properly motivated.

Will all the people that supported those causes stick with them over the long term? Sadly, no. 

Therefore, when you think about supporting a cause, ponder ways that you can stay involved beyond the moment. Keep in mind, this is not a complaint about those that support causes. It is just a reminder that needs continue. Stay involved, even if no one knows.

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