When it comes to Youtube, I’m a big fan of the “Surprise” videos. Surprise Pregnancy announcements, Surprise Marriage Proposals, Surprise Gender Reveals, Surprise Homecomings, etc. There is something so very joyful about watching people’s eyes light up and their facial expressions as they react to the news. Some scream, some cry, some jump up and down and some are just in shock.

My favorite of the Surprise videos, is the Pregnancy announcement videos like the one above. Many people try for years to get pregnant (yes, believe it or not some people just can’t pop out five kids super quickly, they struggle) with no results, and it’s very heartbreaking. Seeing some of these people finally achieve their dream of starting a family is very heartwarming and tear inducing. It’s always fun seeing the future grandparent’s reactions as well.

In addition to the Surprise Pregnancy Announcements, I most enjoy the Surprise homecoming videos. Military personnel surprising their family members, family members who live far away stopping by unannounced for a visit after years of being away, etc. It’s good for the soul to watch, in my opinion. I enjoy laying awake at night watching these types of videos. They show that there IS goodness out there.

This video was uploaded by CompilationTv. The image is a screenshot from their video.


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