Surrendering but to What

Sometimes we simply have to surrender. Wait! Surrender to what? Well surrender to peacefulness. Allow the peace in. Shut out the things which cause disturbances. The people who cause problems can just wait to be nuisances. Today is a great day and although there’s been some negativity. Just experiencing some good listening. The sounds of soul music. I’ve surrender to the “light shinning” through the window pane and to shutting down the devices. Just need a break from all of the chaos. 

There’s no reason to have all the days filled up with chaos now is there? So here’s to peace. Loving it. Imagine having each day filled with having to deal with complicated individuals. Trouble who needs to be bothered with such negativity? At least not everyday. What makes some individuals so ready to cause havoc for others? Well today is just a day of writing and enjoying the peace while “it’s possible.” Some we just want to avoid completely. Yes indeed. 

No turning on the television, devices powered down, and cool breezes right now in Florida. When one has been through a lot of rough patches. They’ll greatly appreciate any peace at all. There’s a lot of difficult people out there and in order to “keep sane.” It’s best to just take a step back. Of course some will try to get under the skin anyone trying to do something at all. Just ignoring sometimes is the best thing to do. 

There’s a lot of ways to generate some peace. Meditating is a great way. Sometimes just setting a day aside to just ponder. Let the thoughts just flow. No worries just a “time of reflection.” No being bothered with situations in which we need not be bothered with. No one can solve everyone’s problems. Some are just too difficult to even be bothered with. Never understanding exactly what’s going on. Just accepting whatever they want to accept. Not the what is. 

Leave a couple days free to just “experience some calmness.” The toxins will probably be there in days to come. It’s hard to get some people to understand what’s taking place. If they’re unwilling then there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Sometimes we’re unable to communicate what we really want to communicate. Not everyone is understanding. Some are just stubborn and refuse to accept certain individuals for whatever reasons. 

Living is something we all should trying to do. Why live a stressful life? The ones who try to live in peace and live their lives the way they’re wanting to live their lives are bothered the most. It’s amazing how many people are so in tuned with what others are doing or trying to do. Just allow the people live their lives. Well. Some may not be happy with what’s going on in their lives so they’ll invade other people’s lives. 

“Let Others Live Their Lives and be at Peace.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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