Surviving Mass Shooting Events

Surviving Mass Shooting Events – New Life Hack Skill

Knowing the skills needed for surviving mass shooting events in America has become a necessity. Who ever thought that our public schools and government offices would become places to get real-time practice and experience in mastering these skills. The Department of Homeland Security has funded the production of the following video. This short video has information you NEED TO KNOW.

Excellent Run – Hide – Fight Video on Skills Needed to Survive Mass Shootings

YouTub Video – Surviving a mass shooting

The original intent of this article was to curate as much information as possible about surviving a shooting event. This video shows the things you and I need to know about survival during any size shooting event. Fortunately, I came across this excellent video that has done much more than gather random comments off the internet. I feel that if you take the time, less than six minutes, to watch this video you might learn survival skills that could save your life. Your leadership in such an event could help save the lives of your family, your friends and co-workers as well. 


Mass Shooting Survival Tip – How to Blockade a Door


Inside Edition has an excellent article and video that explains the additional step that can be used to help blockade a door. As in the video above, the first effort should be using as much furniture as possible placed against the safe side of the door. The extra step mentioned is to use a man’s leather belt placed in a loop and tightened around the folded hinge of a hydraulic door open/closing fixture. This type of door fixture is almost always present in public schools offices and buildings.

For more tips and information on living through one of these tragic events, just use the following search engine string; mass shooting survival skills.

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