Symptoms of Autism Besides Speech Delay

When diagnosing autism in children, one of the first signs that doctors look for is one that is usually spotted by parents. Delayed speech development causes parents to bring the child to see the doctor. This first sign is an indicator to the pediatrician that a child may be autistic. Most children who are autistic are detected when they are brought to the doctor because of poor speech development.

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 Symptoms of Autism Besides Speech Delay- Speech Delay Versus Autism

Poor speech development is not necessarily caused by autism. Other factors can cause delayed language development in children. Usually, by age one, children can recognize the names of some objects, and be attentive to sounds in their immediate environment. When a baby can watch intently but doesn’t react to sound, hearing loss may be present.

Symptoms of Autism Besides Speech Delay

By age two, children can combine two words to make simple sentences. Children who have auditory processing disorder have a problem with decoding speech sounds. These children improve with speech and language therapy.

When diagnosing autism, the doctor looks for additional signs, such as compulsive repetitive behavior and impaired intelligence. For example, a child with autism may spend hours lining up their toy cars. Extreme preoccupation with inanimate objects is one of the symptoms of autism. 

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Asperger individuals and children with autism display uneven profiles of performance in traditional tests of intelligence. However they score higher in the Raven’s Progressive Matrices, a test which tests reasoning and high-level abstraction. The Raven’s Progressive Matrices also test a child’s ability to find new ways to solve problems.

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