Take Your Pills Using The Smart Pillbox Memo Box Mini

Smart Pillbox Memo Box Mini

Taking pills is far from fun, but this necessary “evil” often becomes a ubiquitous part of life. So the idea of carrying a pillbox around with you isn’t a big deal unless you forget about it, meaning you forget to take a pill. So it’s time for 21st Century tech to take over in a good way with the Smart Pillbox Memo Box Mini. The name says it all as the physical pillbox works with an app for tracking dosages and reminding you to take a pill, as well as tracking daily consumption and automatically logging the owner’s medication intake and aiding in monitoring a families medication activities.

All this monitoring is useful, but the Memo Box Mini goes further by including GPS capabilities so it “knows” where it is, even if the user doesn’t. Being compact means it  fits easily into the hand, which also means going into a pocket or purse is no big deal. Meanwhile the app is keeping track of your meds on the go, even as you move around, and adds a “ping” function for finding it, should it not be where you thought it was. There’s also LED indicators: green saying it’s time to “take” a pill and “red” warning against a double dosage. This is all driven by a rechargeable battery with a one month battery life (on average) to power its technology, lights and sound.

So a fast recap: there’s the ability to set up alarms, send alerts/updates to the phone, warn against double-dosing and flashing alerts for those not staring at the app (or ignoring it because the phone’s in a pocket or off to the side). Plus it keeps tabs on the medications usages, which can be a big help for those with less than perfect memories.

There’s also a bigger version of the pillbox for holding pills in varied configurations, depending on which one you get (i.e., with compartment inserts for holding 2 or 4 pills or a 7 day exchange). But if you’re getting the conveyance of the small Mini, you must “live” with its 3 non-changeable compartments.

TinyLogics is offering a developer kit for others to create apps to use with it (right now, there’s the iOS/Android free app), which means that others could come up with new ideas for making the Smart Pillbox Memo Box Mini even more useful. What it offers for $34.99 is a small price to pay for the safety and security and peace of mind it can offer.

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