Takes Time to Make it From Here to There

Not an overnight kind of situation. “Patience” is something so many may not have and sometimes patience is learned. Even when it appears as if progress is slow. Don’t think that whatever goal one is trying to reach won’t occur. There may be many setbacks. There will be a lot a to deal with but we’re able to handle tough situations. Believe that there will come a time when one will arrive at their desired destination. Even with all of the resistance. The only person who can get in the way of another is self. 

No amount of resistance should create a detour. Being determined is the first step. “Remaining confident” and believe the time will come when what a person has worked towards will occur. There may have to be some changes in order to advance to the next level. There will be plenty of nights where the owl may may try to convince a person to go to sleep. 

If one wants to get ahead then they’ll have to go through some extreme measures. They’ll have to face situations they’re not wanting to face. Soon enough the person or persons who are on “a journey” will get to the other side. Of course doing so may take longer than expected. There will be times of wonder. It helps to think about the positives and to refrain from over working. No need to be worn down. Want to be alert when the newness arrives. 

Some may try to discourage others from leaving one area to move to another. Sometimes leaving is necessary to advance further to be apart of growth. There will be so many who will choose to stay where they are. Not wanting to come out of their comfort zone. Afraid of failing in some way. Fear is what holds so many back. Once the fear is removed then there will be more “movement.” More growth will occur. 

We’re in positions to decide for ourselves what’s best. Of course there’s nothing wrong with taking in some of the opinions of others but if we’re not satisfied with what’s being said then there’s no need to bother. Others shouldn’t be making decisions for others unless they’re in no “position” to make decisions. We all have to live our own lives. Whatever one decides to do he or she will have to live with their decisions. 

Don’t be afraid to move away to prosper. Sometimes it’s best to check out new scenery, to discover, to meet new people. To travel a bit. More learning occurs that way. Some won’t be pleased to hear when a person wants to leave and make a new life. We’re live on earth once so there should be “a decision” to do something different. 

“Make the Decision to Advance and be Apart of Growth.: By: Tanikka Paulk

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