A tale of two mothers

Two mothers with different backgrounds, located from different part of the world but both share the same sadness and tears.

One is now grieving for the lost of her son.

Her son was in the prime of his years, enjoying his life to the fullest, he was just starting to explore life and so much ahead of him.

He was also their family lone bread and butter but now he’s gone, he was brutally killed and was found inside the comfort room of a motel, his head inside a toilet bowl, hapless.

Too young to die as they say.

His mother is grieving yet shows a facade of a strong woman fighting, shouting, but the sad truth is she is begging justice for his son.

Her son is a Filipina transgender!

On the flip side of the coin, one mother is worrying and shedding tears for her son who is in another part of the world, she can’t even hug or comfort him in trying moments.

Her son is also in his prime years yet he is considered as a hero because he is a soldier who gives honor and fights for his country.

 Yet on one of his assignments, an untoward incident happened and he is now accused of killing someone inside a bathroom of a motel.

His mother is miles away and is in tears, wishing him safety and giving her love and care no matter what.

A tale of two mothers in tears for their sons, if only they can bring back time!





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