Tax Season and the Freelancer

It’s tax season once again. As a freelance writer, I try my best to do my tax work right and to fill out necessary forms. It’s no peanuts and I know that many other freelancers think so too. Whenever I find tax work literally taxing, I wish I had an accounting office to do the dirty job for me. It was a lot easy back when I was still working in the corporate world. Someone’s always there to do it for you. Then again, I wouldn’t trade my freelancing career now for any other job that would require me to sit at a desk 8 hours a day. 

Hiring an accountant to do the filing for me is one option. I know of other freelancers who do the same. I may have to release some of my hard earnings to pay for an outsource. But if it’s going to offload a lot of stress from my head and shoulders, then it’s going to be a good choice. 

What other options do freelancers have? 

I know of freelancers who really work tediously when filing their taxes. And I salute them for they shall develop more diligence as freelancers. Some work with their accountants while some use an online tool or a tax software to help them do the computations. 

As a freelancer, what tools or systems do you use to do your tax work?

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