Ten 100 Calorie Snacks to Beat Hunger

banana, apple, cucumber and pretzel pieces

apple- 80 calories, cucumber- 45 calories, banana- 100 calories, pretzel pieces-140 calories

Sometimes the hardest part of sticking to either a diet or some healthy lifestyle changes is to beat the munchies when they strike. However, if you can fend off this monster with 100 calorie snacks you can save yourself from losing ground you had gained. You might think there’s no way you can be satisfied with so few calories, but you can. The problem usually has nothing to do with the number of calories, it’s more related to how full you feel. It’s a psychological satisfaction issue.

Eating something nutritious instead of junk will keep the guilt from piling on too. That will help you do better tomorrow and the next day. You won’t feel like “I can’t do it anyway, why bother to try?”

These suggestions, with one exception are under 100 calories.

If you have some physical work to do and need a protein boost:

1. An Egg- 80 calories. Keep some hardboiled one in the fridge. Cut in sections and eat it piece by piece to give you the feeling you are eating more.

2. A container of low-fat yogurt- 80-100 calories. Yogurt is surprisingly filling and if you add some fruit and crunchies you will only be around 150 calories.

If you need some bulk in your stomach:

3. An entire cucumber is only 45 calories. Cut it in chunks an eat it slowly. You may find you don’t need to eat it all.

4. An apple- an apple of about 3 inches in diameter is only 80 calories. Cut and sprinkle on some cinnamon for a sugar boost and antioxidants

5. A banana- about 100 calories if not huge. Cut in chunks and eat slowly. Bananas are very filling.

If you crave salt:

6. Dill pickles- Each pickle 4-5 inches is 20 calories or less. Eat a couple and it will kick the salt craving.

7. Celery- each 8 inch piece is only 6 calories. Munch as many as you probably want in one sitting and you are likely still well under 100 calories. Celery is naturally high in sodium. If you wean yourself off the over-salted commercial products you can even taste how salty it is.

For a vitamin C boost:

8. An orange is only about 70 calories. Divide in sections and eat slowly

9. A grapefruit. Most people eat only half at a time, but depending on the variety an entire fruit is between 70 and 100 calories. This can really fill you up, too.

When you can’t stand being good and have to have “junk:”

Sure, I understand those times. There is actually one snack in the vending machine at work that doesn’t break either the bank or the calorie count. Some nights it really helps me make it through, and I don’t feel too guilty afterwards.

10. The 2.25 ounce bag of Snyder’s Honey-Mustard and Onion pretzel pieces costs less than a dollar, and has 140 calories. Plenty of spice, plenty of salt. It satisfies that junk food craving and gets me through the shift.

You can solve your desire for something to eat with 100 calorie snacks that won’t leave you with a ton of residual guilt, and most of these suggestions are healthy.

Photo by the author: J.H. Young

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