Are You Texting Him Too Much? Tips for Great Texting

beautiful-15742_1920When you have an interest in a new man, it can be an exciting time and a nerve-wracking time, all at once. You want to make a good first impression in the early part of your relationship. It’s important that you come across as confident, but you don’t want to come on too strong, either. Are you texting him too much? If you’re wondering, keep reading to see if your texting habits are right on track or if they’re going to land you in the dreaded friend zone.


Does he text you as much as you text him?

One of the best ways for you to tell if you’re texting your main man too much is too consider how much he texts you. Does he initiate texts or do you always have to write him first? If he texts you each and every day, there’s a good chance that he’s happy to get texts from you. Is he happy to get in texting conversations for hours? Then you’re golden.


If a man is interested in you, he wants to be around you. When he can’t be around you in real life, he wants to be around you virtually. If that’s the case, you’re probably fielding his texts left and right. When he writes you, that’s a great sign. Go ahead and write him back.


If you find that your man outright ignores your texts, it’s a sign that he doesn’t want to hear from you. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if he even got your text, you probably need to give your fast fingers a break. It’s possible that he just might not be a texter, so if he doesn’t write back right away that can mean that it’s just the texting technology that he’s not into. If he doesn’t write back it’s a red flag, but it might not be personal.


Do you text at the right time?

When you’re evaluating how much you text, think about your man’s schedule. Does he work? Is he busy with classes at school? Your texts need to be at the right time just like you need to send the right amount of texts.


Make sure that you don’t text when you know that your man can’t answer. He might find your texts irritating if his phone beeps while he’s supposed to be at work or in class. Don’t make your texts distracting or inconvenient. If he’s out with the guys or having dinner with his parents, give him the right amount of space.


How much does he write back?

One way to gauge if you’re texting your man too much is to evaluate how much he writes when he writes you back. If he sends one word answers, that could be a sign that he wants to end the conversation. Also, do you find yourself sending two texts in a row? If he only responds when you send several messages, that’s a warning sign that your texts aren’t well received. If that’s the case, it might be time to ease up a bit.


Also think about how long it takes your man to write back. If you get a response in a few seconds, that’s a great sign that he wants to hear from you more. On the other hand, if he only writes back after a few days, it’s a sure sign that his attention is elsewhere.


Does he want to hang out?

If your man wants to move your virtual hangouts to real life hangouts, that’s a good sign that he appreciates seeing your number in his inbox. Of course, if he’s really into you, your man’s main goal isn’t to exchange text messages. If he casually steers the conversation towards the next time that you’re going to be together, that means that he can’t wait to hear from you, whether it’s in person or if it’s over the phone.


When it comes to deciphering whether you’re texting him too much, trust your instincts. Is your man eagerly writing back, or does he give one-word answers? Does he respond quickly, or does it seem like a lifetime? An honest evaluation of the situation can put you on track to the perfect texting timeline.

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