The Bold and the Beautiful: Best and Worst of 2015

The Bold and the Beautiful was no doubt one of the most talked about soaps of 2015. The show had viewers talking with one of its big storylines and other shocking moments throughout the year. Let’s take a look at the best and worst storylines from 2015.


Maya is Transgender

This was the biggest storyline of the year, not only for B&B, but also the soap community. Viewers were stunned at the end of the March episode, when Nicole revealed that Maya wasn’t her sister, but her brother Myron. Social media lit up with talk about the episode and Brad Bell did a wonderful job of writing Maya’s transgender storyline. True to his word, he made it about love and acceptance, as Rick and Maya’s family came around to supporting her.

Ridge and Caroline

Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit they’re one of B&B’s hottest couples. They started off as controversial, but this year they won over fans as Ridge helped Caroline recover from being hit by a car. Thorsten Kaye and Linsey Godfrey have amazing chemistry, and you can sense the love between Ridge and Caroline in their scenes. With a wedding and a baby on the way (which may or may not be Ridge’s), the couple had a lot of stuff happen to them and in the coming year, you can expect more from them.

Deacon and Quinn

They’re one of B&B’s most intriguing couples; the resident bad boy returned and hooked up his daughter’s mother-in-law, who proved to be just as bad as him. Rena Sofer and Sean Kanan have perfect chemistry and they have a lot of fun in their scenes. Despite objections from Hope, Wyatt, and Brooke; the couple exchanged vows. Even though they’ve been on the backburner since married life, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this couple.


Aly’s Death

I went back and forth on where to put this on the list, and in the end I decided it belonged in the worst section. The main reason is the aftermath of her death. While the moment was shocking, what followed was way worst. Poor Aly was quickly forgotten as the show moved on to other characters, mainly Steffy/Liam/Wyatt/Ivy. What annoyed me the most about Aly’s death is how it was used to further the never-ending Steffy/Liam/Ivy triangle. Ashlyn Pearce is a wonderful actress and gave a tremendous performance during Aly’s last days. In my opinion, B&B lost a big asset in letting her go and instead of killing Aly; they should’ve had her go off with Thorne to receive help, leaving the door open for a possible return.

Brooke and Eric

Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook are the show’s only two veteran characters left, and yet they hardly received any screentime this year. Of course, Lang had a good storyline earlier in the year as Brooke struggled with being alone and turned to alcohol for comfort. As for McCook, he’s hardly seen anymore except for Forrester family functions and dealing with the business. Lang and McCook are two of the show’s beloved cast members, and they deserve more screentime and proper storylines.


If viewers thought Hope was annoying, then Ivy’s usurped her in that role. Ivy started out as sweet and lovable, fans loved that she gave Hope a run for her money. Yet, now that Steffy’s back, Ivy’s taken Hope’s place in this horrendous triangle with Liam. This year, Ivy’s good girl image took a 180 turn as she videotaped the death of her cousin/best friend, Aly and used the tape to blackmail Steffy. As if that wasn’t bad, Ivy hopped from Wyatt to Thomas to Liam in the span of a week. Ivy, like Hope blames Steffy for all the terrible stuff that’s happened to her, and yet doesn’t take responsibility for her own actions. Viewers have grown tired of Ivy’s actions, but luckily for them, they get a break from her before she returns to cause more trouble.

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