The Bold and the Beautiful: Is Thomas the Father?



The newest member of the Forrester family arrived this week with Caroline and Ridge welcoming a son. While it’s a time for celebration for The Forresters, there’s also a huge question hanging in the air.

Is Thomas the father of Caroline’s baby?

As we all know by now, Ridge had a vasectomy and hid the truth from Caroline. Thomas and Caroline “slept” together when she and Ridge were on a break. Shortly afterwards Ridge and Caroline reconciled and married, then a few weeks later Caroline learned she was pregnant. Upon learning of Ridge’s vasectomy, Caroline confessed about her night with Thomas. The couple decided it would be for the best to keep the truth from Thomas and Ridge would raise the baby as his own, although at times Caroline struggled with her guilt of keeping the secret.

The show is making it obvious that Thomas is the father with their hints, however we all know The Bold and the Beautiful likes to do a swerve so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they made the baby Ridge’s.

One solution is there was a mix up with his vasectomy and he’s able to have children. Another theory is that Thomas and Caroline never slept together. Viewers never did see it, we just saw the morning after so who knows what happened during that period of time.

What do you think B&B fans? Is Thomas or Ridge the father of Caroline’s baby?

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