The Bold and the Beautiful: Will Nicole lose her baby?

Young couple Nicole and Zende has faced trouble the past few months. Their problems began when Nicole agreed to be a surrogate for Maya and Rick. Zende wasn’t too pleased with her decision, but as her boyfriend he supported her choice.

The couple moved on in their relationship, yet Nicole’s pregnancy continues to be a problem. With Nicole’s friend/nemesis Sasha replacing Nicole as model and working closely with photographer, Zende, things are only going to get worse. Add in the feud brewing between Nicole and Sasha, and there’s disaster in the horizon, which may include Nicole losing the baby.

As with all soap opera pregnancies, there are complications and B&B is one of the shows that has dramatic pregnancies. Everything’s been going smoothly for Nicole so far, but as she nears the end of her pregnancy, something big is going to happen.

With Sasha interfering in Nicole and Zende’s relationship, I see a showdown occurring between the two women. During their scuffle Sasha’s going to push Nicole, resulting in her losing the baby. The aftermath will include devastation for Maya and Rick, tension with Nicole and Zende, and the revelation of Sasha and Julius’ secret.

Now, the show may pull a switcharoo and decide to scrape this storyline, but from the looks of it, it appears this is the way they’re headed.

Do you think Nicole will lose the baby?

Photo credit: Pixabay

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