The Duggar girls have full lives: Babies, weddings and charitable works

The Duggar girls have full lives Babies, weddings and charitable works Instagram

Jill Duggar, Amy Duggar and Jessa Duggar (Instagram)

The Duggar family became famous for its reality television show “19 Kids and Counting” that aired on TLC for ten seasons. During that time the family has grown, children have married and became parents and the blessings of grandchildren to carry on the family name, beliefs and traditions have and still bring happiness to many adoring fans. According to the news, pregnant Jessa Duggar Seewald is hinting that there could be a possibility she may be having twins. This is Jessa’s first child and her due date is November 1. Being in her twenty-ninth week she has shared many updates of her growing baby bump. Michelle Duggar joked around with Jessa saying; “Who knows, Jess? You may have twins! Jessa and Ben took to Instagram and Twitter telling their following there is a poll they can participate in to guess the gender of their child as well as if they are expecting a single baby or twins. Thousands of fans and friends have flocked to their site to share their guesses and see how others are voting on the little bundle of love Jessa and Ben are expecting to arrive in just a few short months.

Jill and Derick have flown back to Central America to continue with their mission work. They are dedicated to their work there and believe they are making a difference in the lives of the villagers they have contact with. Israel has been a hit with everyone he meets, is growing fast and is a very healthy and happy baby. On this return trip back to Central America, Jill and Derick also brought along Joy-Anna and Carlin Bates. No one knows for sure how long they will be staying, just that they want to be part of the good works Jill and Derick are sharing. The reasons the Dillard’s were back in the states were; join the family at the wedding of Michaella Bates and Brandon Keilen, film the segment for the TLC documentary, “Breaking the Silence” and shares precious time with their friends, family and loved ones in New York City whom they have missed since they first left to start their missionary work.

The Duggar family has used various forms of social media in the past few months to express their sorrow with regard to the cancellation of their reality television show, “19 Kids and Counting”. Many family members have posted updates of their daily activities, speaking engagements, births, pregnancy news, talked of money issues and the sadness they felt when Jill, Derick and Israel left for Central America to begin their mission work in the field they have been passionate about for years. In the next week Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald will be participating in the latest TLC documentary, “Breaking the Silence” on TLC.

Although this isn’t the way the family originally wanted to appear on television again they realize this show is very important to the public and many children who have suffered from abuse that should never have happened. They still have hopes for another network picking them up or possibly a book deal. Two of their sons have taken to You Tube to produce short family videos to share with all the fans, followers and people who fell in love with the Duggar family so they too can enjoy some of the simple things in life they used to share when the reality show was being aired.

Amy Duggar is boasting with happiness over her upcoming wedding. She recently shared a beautiful bridal shower with everyone online. Amy and Dillon King’s days are now very busy planning their wedding. They are very excited and are looking forward to their big day. Amy went into a bridal store to begin looking for the perfect wedding gown. The shop she went into was thrilled she picked them to purchase her wedding dress and offered it to her for free.

There has been some gossip about whether Amy may have been a victim when she was young since she did spend a lot of time with her cousin Josh. She was interviewed by People and spoke frankly that she was not one of the young girls molested and didn’t even know that anything happened those years ago until it was brought to her attention in news stories that were shared months ago.

For some reason rumors have been flying that Amy is also pregnant, but those rumor are just that, rumors, Amy is not expecting a child, just an upcoming wedding. Amy and Dillon have decided to have a non-traditional wedding, the ceremony won’t be held in a church. They are looking forward to their big day and being able to share as many photos with family, friends and followers so they can see their joy and happiness first hand.

Image source: Amy Duggar, Jessa Duggar and Jill Duggar

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