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So you’re someone either new to comic books or a long time reader and you’re loving the journey. Finding new books is always exciting either if they’re new series or an old hidden gem. Now if you’re a digital reader then you buy as though there’s no tomorrow and only the space in your tablet or phone is a problem. If you’re someone who prefers the printed page however, space can become an issue. You will find yourself buying comic after comic and all these cool treasures end up piling up fast. Without a plan in mind you will find yourself not knowing how in the world to contain the collection. Single issue comics can be a bear to deal with as with books, graphic novels, and collected comics you can put them on a bookshelf. Comic books on the other hand can be a trickier subject to deal with if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Which is why through my trial and error journey I give you my own adventure into fun comic book organization. This is not a perfect plan mind you as I’m still learning myself but learn from my own mistakes in the journey.

When I was getting back into comics, I had no idea what I was doing in organizing this stuff. A small shelf or two and I was good. I had a few boxes and it was all easy as pie. Then I found more books and more, and more, and you get the idea. Things were getting out of hand and fast. So you notice I say in the first paragraph about bookshelves and single issue comics. There is a way you can put them on a bookshelf, magazine holders! That’s right for awhile I bought magazine holders for my single issue books. It worked for a little bit then even that didn’t totally solve the problem. One thing you realize is you can only put so many comic books in a magazine holder at a time. I usually found myself organizing to a series at a time per folder and when I was getting less books it was fine but as I got more, it didn’t work as well as I would have liked. Time to figure out another solution of fun and wonder, the humble longbox!

That’s right I started investing in longboxes and you know, that is the one thing that seems to work the best overall. Magazine folders in small doses but the longbox is usually the best solution. If you’re unfamiliar with a longbox, it’s self explanatory overall as it is a long box that you place comic books in and you can organize as such. It’s what comic stores use for their back issues and so forth and they are your best friends. Of course housing all those longboxes can be a fun process too. Usually I say find a spot either in your basement, or a closet, or just one open spot dedicated to holding the longboxes. You will thank yourself later as you won’t end up with a longbox here and there, you’ll have them all in one spot and your comic books will be happier too.

I’m still learning myself the ropes of organizing my comic books even at this advanced stage in my adventures in reading and collecting comics. Still trying to figure out where to house my comic books and making sure they stay nice is always a journey. Yet I can’t help but enjoy it because comic books are fun and if I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t be buying them as much as I do. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to talk more about comic books here or want to know more about my journey. Thanks for reading!

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