The Journey and the Cynics

Do not be despaired when coming in contact with cynical people on the journey. We will have to deal with all sorts of people. The key to dealing with cynical and difficult individuals is to keep moving. Some may want to create a distraction by demonstrating cynical behavior. No matter what one comes across. There’s always a way to surpass the circumstances. 

Sometimes we may need to distance ourselves from the negatives. Just because we’re nder attack by these individuals we shouldn’t be discouraged. The journey isn’t meant to be easy. If the focus stays on the “elevation” then we’ll barely notice the cynics. There’s so much that can be accomplished when we concentrate on proceeding. What others have to say will be said but they’re unable to change our direction. 

By not focusing on what critical people have to say. We’re able to be more productive. There will have to be removals of toxin individuals. They’re not equipped to be apart of the journey. Enjoy activities and just live the dream and know that the cynics will be there, the hecklers will be there, and the naysayers will be there. 

Sometimes we’ll become annoyed with the antics but even when we do. We’re able to quickly move ahead. Quickly think of something positive and continue o elevate. No one can stop a journey but the one traveling on the journey. No matter how much resistance come into play. We must be determined to move up! We simply can’t focus on the insults or negative communications. There’s no value added when we do so. 

While on the journey. There will be lots of people who will try to control other people’s path. Adding nothing else but some words that we certainly don’t need to take in. Some will try to disconnect whatever we’re trying to create. They’ll judge and misjudge but our focus shouldn’t be on how others preceive our lives. We all have choice and what we do on our journey is our decision. No mattet what aim high. 

If others are trying to disrupt the journey then that means we’re headed somewhere. No matter what’s said we must believe that we can and will achieve. The circumstances can not dictate where we’re going. Yes, we will have to deal with somethings we probably don’t ant to deal with, have to address some people because they’ve gone overboard but even so. We have to keep moving. 

There will be some who aren’t pleased with observing others getting ahead. They may dish out insults and try to convince others to quit. Quitting shouldn’t even be an option. What’s aid can not help with the situations that we must deal with. Tuning out noise makers is the best way to get whatever needs to be accomplished. 

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