The Life of a Fan of Comic Books

Yes I am a comic book fan, a big comic book fan.

I’ve been hooked on them for a long time now and believe me I’m not going to be stopping anytime soon. 

To me comic books have been one of my favorite things as for one thing I love words, words are amazing as I do love the written word a lot. Add in the power of pictures though and you get a powerful piece of unique entertainment. In reading the comic books I have over the years at times I can place where I got that book or what was happening during that point in time. Sometimes I’ve bought comic books at the multitudes of used book stores I’ve visited over the years, comic book stores, and even just in the midst of a fun day out. However the case may be, comic books have been and always will be some major part of my life. I’m always on the hunt for a cool back issue of a series I’m either missing an issue of or looking to start, or just enjoying a nice one shot story. My preference as being a comic book fan buying back issues is usually buying the whole series at once if at all possible. If not I just buy in pieces as sometimes certain series you can’t get all at once. That my friends is part of my life as a fan of comic books and collecting them.

It’s a fun life to be sure, heck I even write about them as much as I can. I love talking comic books, reading comic books, getting lost in the multitudes of worlds and stories at any given time. It’s a major inspiration to my writing in general, a love of words and pictures is what sparked me to begin with. Weekly trips to the comic book store every Wednesday and as many other cool places to find comic books along the way are always a good time. Digitally, in print, and more, the life of a fan of comic books is never done but my goodness is it ever fun. The endless new level of wonders that each week holds in the weekly stack is intoxicating to my mind. The new and old comics opening up endless new possibilities never ceases to make me smile. With good comic books, anything is possible.

That my friend is the life of a fan of comic books and my goodness is it awesome. 

Image Credit: Pixabay via Daily Two Cents Search


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