The Miami Heat is Lucky to Have Chris Bosh


Chris Bosh is a Power Forward and Center for the Miami Heat. Bosh attended Georgia Tech and after his freshmen season he decided that he needed to move on. Bosh entered the NBA Draft in the year 2003. He became a team player for the Toronto Raptors. Chris Bosh received the NBA All-Star title five time. “Hmm.” “Very Impressive Mr. Bosh.” In 2008 Bosh won an Olympic Gold Medal. After his play time was over with the Raptors, Bosh moved on to the Miami Heat in 2010, “wonderful.” In 2013 Bosh won two NBA titles with the Miami Heat.

He’s a Family Man

Bosh’s hometown is Hutchins Texas. Any Heat fan could figure out that Bosh is a family man. “That’s a good thing.” Bosh makes sure that he spends time with his wife and children during the off time. He continues to show poise on and off the court. That’s all it should be. He not only loves his immediate family but he also loves his Heat family.

Bosh as a Student Athlete

Bosh not only had and has basketball skills but he kept up with his academics all throughout his schooling. Bosh was a remarkable student athlete. He remained  focused while in college and continues to do so. Bosh wanted to complete his college degree but he also felt the need to move forward with his basketball career. Bosh never regrets his choice to leave college early. 

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Georgia Tech Colors

The Fans

Fans of the Miami Heat were thrilled to not only have Bosh, but Wade, and James. LeBron James was Bosh’s teammate until 2014. Bosh would share some his thoughts with his fans on Social Media. That clearly shows that he was in tuned with his fans and wanted to keep them updated. Bosh holds the title of being one of only three players in the NBA to incur 10,000 points as well as 4,500 rebounds. “Not Bad.” In 2013 Bosh was selected as an All-Star Starter. In that same year the Miami Heat held the best record. Fans certainly were happy about that.

Chris Bosh’s Organization

Chris Bosh is the founder of Team Tomorrow Inc. Which founded in 2010. Team Tomorrow helps promote and uplift children, families, and the community. Bosh’s goals include raising awareness and providing support for children and families that are in need. Team Tomorrow sponsors projects and community based events. The organization also assist business leaders as well as outreach programs. “Thank you.”


The Health Scare

In 2015 Bosh was experiencing pain and not feeling well. His wife was concerned and urged him to and get checked out. Bosh was hospitalized because of concern that he may have a blood clot. After further testing, doctors revealed what was suspected, Bosh did indeed have a blood clot on one of his lungs. Chris Bosh is currently out due to his health scare. He deserves to rest. Bosh is able to spend that extra quality time with his family. Because he’s a strong willed individual and full of determination as well as drive. This is why he’s selected as a “Remarkable Person.”

“No one has the right to stop you from pursuing your dreams and you shouldn’t allow them to do so.” (Paulk, 2015).


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Author’s notes: This article is apart of the Remarkable Person Project established by Tanikka Paulk. Quote belongs to Tiki33. 


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