Recap: “The Middle” Season 7, Episode 16: The Man Hunt

It’s the Wednesday night ritual, and my family has gathered around the television for another episode of our favorite show, ABC’s “The Middle.” Here’s what happens in the episode The Man Hunt on ABC’s The Middle.



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Brick Wants to Become a Man

Episode 16 opens with Brick arriving home from his friend’s bah mitzvah. Inspired, Brick sets out on a quest to become a man. 

Brick asks his parents why the Heck family doesn’t have a celebration like a bah mitzvah. Are you sure it isn’t just another holiday that you floated to some unknown future date, he asks? Mike explains that, “We’re protestants. We just try to obey the commandments and keep our heads down.” True that.


Axl Moves Out

Axl and his roommate Hutch buy a camper at a police auction and begin housekeeping. They explain they got a great deal because the camper used to be a crackhouse. Of course, this is a bit unrealistic because “crackhouses” aren’t safe to live in and the police would never sell a “crackhouse” camper. But Hutch is a favorite character of mine so I’m glad see him back with his latest antics.


Sue Tries to Flirt

I’m still sad about Logan. How could you possibly improve upon a shirtless, Catholic, Abercrombie model? I’m concerned about where this is going and I definitely don’t want this circling back to I-don’t-want-to-wake-up-when-I’m-22-and-not-have-kids Darrin.

Sue sets out to flirt on campus. On the way to a campus party, Sue’s roommate finds the missing sock! Ah, the sock! You know, the sock from the episode where Sue loses a sock doing laundry in the dorm and puts up flyers to find the sock and everyone laughs at her? We’re found the sock! It was stuck to a shirt the entire time! All is right with the world. I’m glad they didn’t make me wait until the series finale to tie up this loose end.

True to form, Sue is terrible at flirting. Eden Sher’s comedic timing is as brilliant as ever and we all feel her pain. At least Sue has her new, loyal roommate to hang out with, unless of course her roommate rekindles the romance with the guy who owns the island.


Axl Moves Out – 2

Uninvited, Kenny joins Axl and Hutch in the trailer. Kenny does what he does, which is silently play computer games.

Whenever Kenny shows up, I turn to my kids and say, “Kids, when you grow up, don’t be Kenny.”

When police order Axl and Hutch to move the trailer, they forget to tell Kenny where they’re going and lose him. The pair eventually lands at the Heck house to “look” for Kenny in the world of online gaming. Soon, they realize Kenny is standing behind them in real life. Axl jumps up in excited relief, but he falls backwards when the cord of his hand-free headset pulls him backwards. (Ok, writers, we all know this falling on the headset bit was in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” It’s been done.)

It turns out, Frankie allowed Kenny to stay at the Heck house, where he fixed the wi-fi and put the family photos on the cloud. And Kenny speaks! He thanks Frankie for the hospitality and the eat-it-today-or-else Frugal Hoosier salad.


Brick Wants to Become a Man – 2

Bricks find the “protestant ambiguity unnerving,” as it relates to entry into manhood. So he does what Brick would do, and he sets off to conduct personal research on the topic.

Brick asks Mike’s coworkers for advice, so we get brief appearances from other part-time cast favorites Dave, Jim, and Chuck. (“Kids, you know how I said don’t grow up to be Kenny? Especially don’t grow up to be Chuck.”) 

Mike tells Brick he can dump a load of rocks, hoping that the task will end Brick’s quest for a rite of passage to manhood. Brick doesn’t wait for Mike’s instruction, and he dumps the rocks in the wrong place, making a mess. Mike is temporarily angry, but he later gives Brick a flannel “Mike Heck” shirt (Hey, I gave my 13-year-old a “Mike Heck” shirt for Christmas! Do the writers read my Facebook page?) and then Mike teaches Brick how to grill.


Sue Tries to Flirt – 2

Sue gives up on flirting and calls the campus shuttle service to take her back to her dorm. Enter the young man driving the campus safety shuttle. We don’t find out his name during the episode, but according to IMDb, it’s Tyler. And just like that I’ve already completely forgotten who Logan is.

Sue joins Tyler and the two spend the evening shuttling drunks home from college parties. She and Tyler hit it off, and Sue is finally able to relax be herself. But we don’t find out Logan’s name, and in the dialogue there’s no hint that we’ll see him again. Gah! I need to know!


And that ends this review of “The Middle.” If I hurry, I can make it to the real world’s version of the Frugal Hoosier, a.k.a. Aldi. (Whispers into my arm: Al…di…)


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