The Moral Dilemma of White Tigers (Analysis)

Foreword and Overview: Musings on My Investigative Report on White Tigers (linked at the end)

White tigers bring huge profits to zoos. So they have been bred in vastly disproportionate numbers to their extremely rare (1 in 10k) occurance in the wild.

Both zoos and private breeders have exploited and abused large charismatic mammals for profit. For decades.

Both zoos and private breeders have exploited and abused large charismatic mammals for profit. For decades.

Zoos misrepresent white tigers as their own special subspecies or race in “dire need” of conservation.

Due to their tiny gene pool, white tiger inbreeding has led to horrific genetic defects which some claim afflict the majority. There are no hard statistics.

Neither side of this issue has been fully honest.

New scientific research proves the white tiger gene itself is free from defect. Inbreeding, and the misery and damage to the tiger gene pool it brings can now be averted. White tigers could potentially be bred through genetic engineering. You’d never know, listening only to animal rights and anti-cruelty activists.

Genetic engineering makes white tigers possible without inbreeding.

Animal rights activists ignore the hopeful new research because they are philosophically opposed to the captivity of intelligent species. That’s a position I respect, but I 

cannot respect intentionally keeping people in ignorance to sway them to a position. Don’t claim that white tiger genetics are inextricably connected to

Do your own research. Don't just believe.

They omit facts. They outright lie. Do your own research. Believe nothing.

diseases and disorders like cross-eyes and retardation when science has debunked it.

Next to nothing has been done by zoos to reintroduce tigers to the wild, preserve or (God forbid) re-wild their former habitat. Yet zoos always seem to fall back on that “conservation” canard.

As usual, do your own research. Don’t believe anything just because it fits with your preconceived ideas.

White tigers can be bred without any more defects than golden tigers. But people need to face up. Such breeding is for human vanity and amusement, not conservation. Sadly, that also applies to golden tigers and other exotic charismatic mammals.

Is it much different from keeping domesticated dogs, cats, and horses? Good question.

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