The Most Destructive of Comeptitors

Competition has and will continue to exist but there is something called “Overly Aggressive Competitors.” They’re the ones who will try extremely hard to make their competition lives miserable. Almost like trolls on the internet. Every opportunity the competition gets to harass their competitor they’ll do so. How to deal with such individuals? Well there’s many ways. Ignore. Contact Lawyers, Contact Authorities. Some competition will go as far as to threaten their competition. 

If they’re doing so then there could be some mental issues they’re dealing with. If the harassment is continuous then the authorities may need to be contacted. There has been some competitors who have taken things a bit further. Not something most would like to think about but some are “insanely” competitive. When having to deal with such individuals it’s best to contact a lawyer. That why all of the stress is avoided and perhaps shutting down devices is helpful. 

Some will go as far as they’re allowed. Harassing the competition won’t “produce” the results they’re hoping for. In fact they may have to face legal problems. Having to go to court and receive lawsuits. The law can not deny a person of their rights. Once the authorities are contacted which may result in having to go to the police station and obtain the paper work for an order of protection. 

Some just don’t understand the consequences of “their actions.” Some competitors will go as far as to slander their competition. To slander means to supply false information about a person or persons. Not being able to supply truth will not hold up in court. The person who’s behind the harassment can either be sued or receive jail time in some cases the judge will order both. 

If the competition is being aggressive then there needs to be some legal advisors contacted. No person has to tolerate being harassed or threatened. If the threats are coming through an device then contacting a computer tech or investigators “to see who’s behind the threats” and perhaps they’ll stop. A lot of the threats are apart of intimidation tactics. Trying to scare their competition in so they’ll competition will stop. 

So many business owners have suffered because of what their competitors have done. No competitor should feel the need to continuously harass their competition. To send out threats and “to provide” slander. The ones who are friendly with the competition will also assist with harassing the competition. No matter how many attacks arise the persons should continue. Some competition feel as though their actions will instill fear into their competition and the individual or individuals will just give up. 

Articles Produced By: Tanikka Paulk

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