The Most Rustic Throw Pillows for a Log Cabin

The most rustic throw pillows for a log cabin are available in many different styles and themes. Some people visualize patches of natural suede crudely stitched together with leather string. Others envision rough burlap stamped with deep blue, maroon, dark green or rich brown wild animal silhouettes. I visualize a design that’s far more natural and simple but extremely unique. When I think of a rustic log cabin, I think of logs and trees. I spent lots of time searching for the most natural and unique pillows that I could find. You might be surprised when you see them. These throw pillows look like real logs, but they fabric is soft, the cushioning is firm and they’re highly useful. Chances are you’ll have to own at least two if you have a log cabin or a natural or rustic room. They’re the most unique throw pillows that I’ve ever seen, at least in an outdoor theme.


I Want a New Set of the Most Rustic Throw Pillows for a Log Cabin Theme

I don’t have a log cabin, at least not yet, but my downstairs family room is decorated in a wildlife theme. My husband and I have two camouflage recliners, a built-in stone fireplace, nature-themed decor and other rustic furnishings. He had three woven nature-themed throw pillows when I moved in, but they were the same discount store pillows that I used to have. They must have been his ex-wife’s choice, and I know where she found them. They probably came from the same store as my old set. I left my old throw pillows behind along with my past. I would prefer the most rustic throw pillows available for a log cabin, even though we’re living in a regular tri-level home, and I want a set of my choice.


The Most Rustic Throw Pillows for a Log Cabin

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These Throw Pillows Look Like Real Logs

I want to put my own decorating stamp on my husband’s house, and the tapestry-style throw pillows have to go. I’m glad that I found the most rustic throw pillows for a log cabin. As you can see from the photo, they’re definitely unique. It looks like a real slice of wood, doesn’t it? I doubt if they’re as realistic in person since they’re covered in fabric, but they’re still extremely unique. They’re also firm, and they would make phenomenal chair cushions for wooden chairs, especially rustic rockers.


It’s labeled as a Baby Carrier® Log Head Rest Pillow Decorative and Wood Throw Pillow.  It’s the best deal available right now, especially since shipping is free. However, you’ll find many different styles on the same page, and they all look like real wood. I also love the throw pillows that look like real logs, especially the birch trees.


Features and Details of the Wood Throw Pillows

  • Includes one throw pillow that’s 16.5 x 30 cm in diameter
  • Made of spandex and polyester
  • Highly rated with 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Firm but comfy
  • Would make an ideal chair cushion


They Are Interesting Conversation Pieces

The log pillows will coordinate beautifully in our family room for years to come. Besides being comfy and decorative, the most rustic throw pillows for a log cabin are sure to become conversation pieces. I was instantly hooked when I saw these. We’ve talked about building a log cabin on my husband’s wooded property in the near future. I’m sure that I’ll still love the theme by the time that he retires. I’ve always loved the outdoors, and rustic log cabin style will always be one of my favorite decorating themes.

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