The Older Woman’s Guide To Wearing Foundation


The older woman's guide to wearing foundation

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This Season the look is fresh-faced and healthy and there’s no reason why older women can’t have it too! Start with a canvas of fresh, glowing skin. This translates to doing your best to ingest lots of pure water, antioxidant fruits, vegetables and vitamins. The next thing is to make sure you have a good quality skin regime which includes, cleanser, toner, scrub and moisturizer.

Your regime should target your skin type and age group so that it does a successful and appropriate job of repair and rejuvenation. The scrub should not contain large grains that will eventually damage and irritate the skin. Look for a good-quality scrub and unless it specifies, “daily”, only use it about three times per week.

Foundation- Liquid or Powder?

Whether you use liquid or powder usually comes down to preference. Generally a drier skin prefers liquid and an oilier, moist skin- powder foundation. To keep the liquid foundation light use a dampened makeup wedgie to spread the foundation and keep it lght. For powder application, be careful that the powder foundation does not appear chalky so buying quality and blending well is the key. Less is better than more. The following is the older woman’s guide to wearing foundation but will work for everyone for a natural, light makeup look.

General rules for buying foundation

  • Buy the appropriate foundation for your skin type
  • Make sure it is a quality brand that will blend easily
  • It should be as close to your natural skin tone as possible
  • Make sure it is non-comedogenic or oil-free, unless your skin is super-dry, as it will definitely clog your pores
  • Never buy a too-yellow tone. If you have olive skin, true beige is best. If you have fair skin, it can have a very slight pink tone but mostly should be neutral as well.

Rules for applying foundation

  • *Apply a touch of concealer if needed, under the eyes and on any discolourations you want to cover. 
  • To keep it always looking light and natural apply a thin coat with a dampened makeup wedgie, even if it’s a powder foundation.
  • Blending is key so blend with your wedgie into the hairline and well passed your jawline into the décolleté. The absolute worst is to have that tell-tale makeup line at the jaw.
  • Try to keep the application as thin as possible.

 *Always follow with a light application of blush for the fresh-  faced look.

*Concealer should also be no more than one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

*Blush should be a natural pink-beige or coral-beige tone.

Final word is to keep it light and right! Now you have the look of this Fall/Winter Season! But fresh-faced natural makeup is always in.

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