The Original Foot Log Massager

The Original Foot Log information on the box states that it helps the body’s circulation. This product is by far the best foot roller I have ever used. My husband will use the Original Foot Log after work or at bedtime. His heels will hurt him at times, and when it does hurt him he tends to use this product more often. This product is like getting a massage, but you can apply as much pressure as you would feel comfortable doing.  For foot or heel pain sufferers, the Original Foot Log may be what you have been looking for. On the box, it also says it can reduce stress and also relax tension.

This product has been in my home for many years. I had two of them but I wanted someone to feel better, so now I only have one left. If I couldn’t find mine for some reason, I would buy another one. There are other products out there that may work as well, but from my experience, nothing is better than The Original Foot Log.

I like the rainbow like colors. I see it easier than if it was a darker color and was pushed under the couch or chair. My one daughter uses it when she comes to visit because she knows it will ease her feeling of anxiousness. She tends to become over anxious at times, and the Original Foot Log helps her a great deal. If you know someone that is suffering from poor circulation, stress, or sore feet try recommending this product to them. They may just thank you over and over again.

The Original Foot Log may even help people sleep better. I am thinking maybe if it can reduce stress from someone’s body, then maybe it could help someone sleep better as well. Stress can tend to keep people from sleeping well. Stress can cause a lot of different things to happen in our bodies. It may not hurt trying The Original Foot Log out for yourself. Then you may be telling your family and friends how much this product has helped your own situation.

Most people want proof that a certain product works before they want to buy it. I can tell you that it did work for my family, and I hope and believe it will work for your family as well. Have a great life while rolling on the Original Foot Log.

The Original Foot Roller is a great product to think about trying. This information is my opinion about this product. I am not claiming it is a cure-all for all ailments. I feel it may help others that suffer from the things I have mentioned above.


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