Powered Hearts To Hearts

I started my backyard organic vegetable and herbal garden in 16 November, 2015. That was when my pockets were drained due to hospitalization and death of my mom. I lost my online source of income and I still finally decided to settle down permanently in my hometown. The garden was inspired by my mom, with her old eggplants and sweet potatoes, so through the powered hearts, I extended my inherited garden from her.

When my friends saw my gardening posts on my Facebook account, a handful had sent their cash donation for fences and trellises of the garden which I named “My Bacud” (My Fence). Since all the materials that I have used in the gardening, seeds, seedlings, fences and trellises all came out from donations, so I have been sharing for free all the produce to our community. It was on a first request, first granted basis because of the limited quantity of daily harvest. This interaction in helping is another proof of the hearts to hearts, the power of hearts madness.

“My Bacud” was renamed “Our Bacud” providing credits to all those who have been so generous in helping me to carry out the project which now involves the whole community in greening, environment protection and ecosystem recovery.

Due to the excess cash donations, after approval from the donor to realign the excess fund usage from fence acquisition to a new feeding project among 30 children, the Feeding Program was started. When pictures of the initial feeding session were posted in my Facebook account, many hearts were moved, the hearts to hearts relationship have wrapped Our Bacud. The powered hearts turned Our Bacud into a new dimension and now it is called “Our Bacud Charities, Philippines.”

“Our Bacud Charities, Philippines” in the town of Arayat, Pampanga is considered a product of the powered hearts moved by our Almighty. Aside from the Feeding Program now with 106 children recipients and 57 children enrolled in our weekly Bible Study, other projects are also ongoing such as livelihood program, permaculture project, free seedling dispersal, cooking lesson for the youth and parents, free reading center for children and scholarship program. All funding support emanates from a handful of philanthropists from different parts of the world.

Photo owned by Boie17.

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