The Residual Earning Possibilities of HubPages

hubpagesresidualearnings HubPages is not a site I’m even a little active on at this point in time and I’m starting to think maybe I should be. The minimum cash out for every month is what? $50? If you look at the screenshot I’ve taken my total earnings for HubPages to date is a little over $5. That is not much, but when you really look at what I’ve done for the site and what little time I’ve spent on the site – it is actually pretty amazing.

I published a review on Postloop on Hubpages a little over two years ago. The review has a pretty decent standing on search engine rankings (it has held that position for a long time too). And it gets pretty decent traffic. It looks like I’ve had nearly 1,000 people come by the hub which I consider to be pretty awesome. 

I should probably mention that I really haven’t put much effort into promoting these Hubs either. I just kind of wrote them and let them do their own thing. You can see my residual earnings for the last couple weeks in the screenshot on the site. They are not anything crazy to brag about. But, they are pretty awesome for someone who hasn’t really done anything with her HubPages account.

I also published an article about Daily Two Cents on HubPages about 4 months ago. This article has already acquired nearly 700 views! Which is crazy when you compare it to the Postloop hub. I’m pretty sure it is the “similar to Bubblews” keyword that is the reason that article is doing so well. A few months ago I thought it might be a good idea to throw a couple articles up using that keyword because people writing for Bubblews were going to be looking for other places to earn. Come to find out, it was a very good idea. I have that article as well as one on Writedge using the same keyword and they both do great. The one on Writedge has actually earned more than 1,000 views and has a page 1, first spot ranking. 

I think I’m going to do a little research on constructing hubs today and see what I can come up with. I don’t have a lot of experience with the site. So, I would love to find some tips or guides to read before I get started. 

Do you write for HubPages? I’d love to know a little about your story! If you do leave a comment, please include your HubPage author name! I’d love to check out your work. 

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