Sophia Loren Movies : The Stories of the Sunflower

Did you know that sunflowers turn to follow the sun? In Greek mythology, a young nymph fell in love with the sun god Apollo. What do you think the gods did to her?  It’s a tragic love story.

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But the sunflower has more than one story.


Do you enjoy old movies? Are you also a fan of Sophia Loren? If so, you may have already seen this film, but if you haven’t, it comes highly recommended. (My husband liked it!)

It’s a very moving story about a newly wedded couple. The woman’s husband went to war and did not return home. Even though others tell her he is probably dead, she believes her husband is alive and sets out to prove it.

That’s it! No spoilers. That’s all you’ll get out of me, except to say that, this movie would make a great addition to your personal video library. Ms. Loren has starred in many movies that just didn’t enough publicity or air time. This is one of them.


Sunflower (English Subtitled)


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