The taste orgasm of a Dairy Queen Blizzard

dairy queen blizzard

I grew up in mostly in California, Washington, Utah, and Oklahoma, but I’ve been in Alberta Canada for the last 11 years. In all my years, I think I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve been to a Dairy Queen if for no other reason than other fast food restaurants were easier to find. Where I live now though, there is one just a few mins away and my husband discovered I’d never had a Dairy Queen blizzard before so he insisted I had to have one.

Sitting in the drive thru trying to decide which flavor, I finally just picked one at random because I had cars behind me. I went with the kit kat blizzard. Talk about a taste explosion! So I broke my Blizzard cherry now with this orgasm of of taste and I am now a forever fan.

I’d love opinions on which kind I should try next!

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