Humour: The Third Dimension- the Un-Sporty Zone

There is another zone, a kind of middle zone- a secret world, if you must. It is the un-sporty zone. This middle-place is where all the un-sporty people dwell. We almost go undetected through life as many do not know that we even exist. We are not sporty people; we do not run races, play sports, and many of us don’t even work out. But neither are we nerds. We do not have the right criteria to be nerds. We are not brainy enough, or introverted enough to be truly classified as nerds. And I am one of them. A little humour: The third dimension- the un-sporty zone may take you where you don’t really want to be, which is worse than that old twilight zone, it is inside yourself.

Yes, I live in the un-sporty middle world. Neither a nerd or a jock (sporty person). I may watch the odd hockey game; I may even be forced to run a relay race at school or watch our team win at volleyball, football,or whatever. But I’m not into it. I’d rather be watching TV, a great mystery/thriller, a movie, or reading a book.

The un-sporty liked to use their little baker ovens when they are children or play street games or board games but they never, ever want to go so far as play street baseball or hockey. Oh, no. And when it was time for Phys-Ed at school we cringed and sometimes we even faked being sick.

When I was a child I didn’t do ‘gym’. I couldn’t run fast, or jump hurdles- that scared me to death- and I was forced to look into the eyes of all those that could.I knew I would never make it that world. In the popular, sporty world, I was invisible. They were the heroes. They were the popular. I wanted to shout at them and say, “Yeah, but I’m great in History and English!” But would they even have listened?

But the real good news is that when I got older I discovered that it was okay, no one really cared or had to know. You could be as un-sporty as you liked and still work, have friends and have a life. Some of your friends were like you and the odd one was even very sporty or nerd-y and you still got along! The un-sporty will all one day realize that they have a place in the world. Some will become online writers, authors or librarians, actors, or even real estate agents. 

Yes, for humour: the third dimension-the unsporty zone may seem silly to you but it is real. The un-sporty live in the middle world. The zone where we exist is not exceptionally exciting, but  alas, we are here and we too, need a little recognition sometimes.

Next time you suspect you’ve come across one of us, please say hello. Invite an un-sporty person to lunch. You will soon find that we have a place in the world. Maybe even your life. 


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