The Worst Recipe I Ever Saw on a Cooking Show

Breakfast Bowl3This so-called ‘recipe’ should be the ultimate embarrassment to The Food Network, unless their standards have become so low that they just don’t care. The show that I’m referring to is ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’. The episode is ‘Brunch With Aunt T’ and the recipe is ‘Garth’s Breakfast Bowl’. The show’s host and cook is country music’s Trisha Yearwood. In this episode, Trisha tells us that this is her husband Garth Brooks’ favorite breakfast.

I actually thought it was a joke when Ms. Yearwood began listing the ingredients…a bag of Tater Tots, really Food Network, Tater Tots? Well anyway here are the ingredients and instructions in a generalized manner. Scrambled eggs, bacon, ground sausage, Tater Tots, tortellini and shredded cheese. Each of these items are to be cooked separately, except the cheese. 

In a large bowl layer each cooked item starting with Tater Tots, then sausage, bacon, tortellini and scrambled eggs. Top it off with 10 oz. shredded cheddar cheese.

There is nothing that binds the ingredients together, the shredded cheese on top isn’t melted either. Trying to serve it from the bowl is a balancing act since each item is loose causing chunks of food to fall all over the place.

I made this ‘recipe’ on a much smaller scale for the sole purpose of taking a picture of it.

Photo by Candy-Dor.

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