A Type of Therapy Animal That You Might Not Think Of

timthumb.phpFor many people with PTSD or other mental health issues as well as kids with autism spectrum disorders, or other special needs, contact with a therapy animal can prove to be very bennificial. There is something about spending time and receiving love from a creature who will not judge you that can be very calming and relaxing. When people think of animals that can help in this way, the ones that come to mind are dogs, cats or maybe even horses, they wouldn’t think of birds. This is too bad, as bird can play a real role in this setting.

For many people in this situation, #birds like #parrots, #budgies ,#turkeys and even #owls can have just as much of a positive effect. One group in the UK that has been able to put this to good use is Owls About Town . They have several owls who are very friendly and enjoy spending time with those dealing with #mentalhealth or developmental issues. They somehow seem to instinctively know that these people need love and acceptance.

People with mental health, autism spectrum disorders and developmental issues are not the only ones who can benefit from this type of interaction. Those with #dementia and #Alzheimers disease find these birds helpful. They owls will sit quietly on their lap, and in that interaction, the person reconnects with their younger days, and a troubled mind finds peace.

The next time you think of animals that can have a place in #therapy, consider birds. Their intelligence, gentle nature and soft feathers can bring peace to a troubled heart and spirit.


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photos used with permission of :http://www.owlsabouttown.co.uk/


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