There’s Always Something to Blog and Write About

I’ve read plenty of posts and articles about writers complaining about writers block. I know that are days when one may not feel like writing or blogging but having absolutely nothing to write about puzzles me. There’s always something one can write about, they may not want to write or blog about it, but there’s something around you that could go onto the computer screen or paper.

You can go outdoors and find something that needs your words. There’s events taking place in your community. There’s educational concerns and more. Writers block is in the mind don’t you think? It’s like saying that there’s nothing in the refrigerator to eat. Oh there’s something. It may not be what you want to eat but there’s something there.

We truly don’t say what we mean. You could write a short story about one of your life experiences. Someone needs to hear and read your words. You don’t know how you can touch someone with your words. Writers and bloggers should always have something to write about. They may need a break but there’s somethings that will float around in the mind even when there’s down time. Don’t claim writers block. If you think writers block than you may need a break.

Taking some time away from the computer and from your writing duties is alright. Everyone needs a break. Take a day or two off if that’s what you need but please don’t claim that you have writers block. That won’t be beneficial to your career or even if it’s a hobby. You won’t enjoy it if you think you’re unable to do it. So write when you can. Blog when you can and enjoy it.

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