There’s a lot of Complexities in the World Perhaps too Complex

Some may pretend as if “they’re not understanding” what’s going on. not understanding a word. Not wanting to understand anyway. Some do so because they’re wanting their way. Wanting to just be difficult. There will be a lot of complexities but there’s also the simplicity. It’s pretty annoying when some refuse to just allow individuals to live their lives. Always butting in. Not minding their own business. At least sometimes attend to their business and not others. Some may not other stand what a person is saying. If they’re not wanting to be apart of something or another then don’t force the individuals to do so. 

Some may be focused on areas there should be no focus on and that’s when the teeth may grind together just thinking of how some won’t chill out. No matter what’s going on. There’s some who want to make life more difficult. Trying to “make decisions” for others and not allowing individuals to make their own decisions. There certainly is major competition but what if there’s some individuals who aren’t suppose to be competing but continue to make their way in? 

Goodness gracious. Some are always wanting to be involved but shouldn’t be involved all of the time. No matter how many times they’re told no. They’ll “proceed” anyway. Every had a bunch of people trying to dictate every move? Watching every single move that a person makes. Some would like some room to just flourish. Not wanting the entire world to be in their business. No person should be so involved that they’re needing to no how many times a person is using the bathroom. Some people are just that in tuned. 

There’s nothing wrong with being concerned but the actions aren’t being concerned. The need to always have to be on the front line. How irritating. Sometimes expressing what we want to express isn’t even heard. Some refusing to hear but will hear what they want to hear. There comes a time when individuals but realize that each person has choice. Even when the choices may not be the best. “It’s better to allow individuals to make their own decisions and stop being so invasive.” 

Imagine having every moment of living under a microscope. Going to the bathroom is monitored. Suppose that’s what celebrities have to go through. Are individuals living their own lives? Doesn’t appear so. There has to be other areas to focus on. How many times does an individual have to say butt out? “There has to be some room to grow” and not have a bunch of people hoovering all over a person. 

“Choice was Given for a Reason and Decisions are Meant to be Used. Allow Individuals to Live.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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