The Thing About Art

Art - we surround ourselves with meaning

Art – we surround ourselves with meaning. Credit: Rota

While there is a stereotype of the struggling writer and the poor artist, it’s pretty clear that we are a blessed number. Although it maybe the businessmen and the kings of industry who have a clear advantage when it comes to monetary gain, we have the smug knowledge that we are what makes life that bit more meaningful.

Art in it’s many forms transcends the purely practical aspects of existence, invokes emotion and introspection and pervades many aspects of life where it isn’t always immediately evident. There is very little in our society that does not at least invite input or allow for change based on the aesthetics and higher areas of thought –  of which artistic types are the masters. Be it the aesthetic aspects of architecture, the colour schemes used in landscaping, the careful composition of music used in advertising, or a ghost writer’s input in a president’s speech, it is the artists who add colour, meaning and beauty to what could be the merely practical and clinical.

For my part I am proud to be one of the creators. One of the people who contributes to something perhaps viewed as unnecessary, but which is the heart and soul of our human civilization – and deeply connected to our being.

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