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Last week I went to meet with the editor of a very popular local paper, with a view to getting a writing job with them. I had been emailing backward and forwards with the owner since December. Since she works out of her farm and not within the city centre, it took a long time to arrange a face-to-face meeting. In her last email, the owner wanted me to meet her and the editor at their city centre office.

I arrived with bags of time to spare, but we had to go ahead with the meeting without the owner. She just never showed up, and to this day I don’t know why she wasn’t there as arranged. I was a bit, what’s the word; well taken aback, to put it politely. I was comforted by the fact that I knew the editor and she knew me from our university days.

The meeting went well, and the editor liked some of the ideas I pitched to her.  The weirdest thing happened as we were wrapping up our meeting! She mentioned that they were in dire need of a part time proofreader. As I have been job- hunting for the past 18 months in vain, I jumped at the opportunity to offer my services. I was upfront about the fact that I had no formal training or experience, but I have an English Degree and have written for a paper before; and just like that she said I could have the job!

She told me their going rate for proofreaders, and although it was a measly figure; I had to accept it because I wasn’t exactly brimming with options! Imagine my shock when I got home to an email telling me that the editor had made a mistake and overstated the wage by double! As it stood, the initial offer was a pittance; this was beyond a joke; but apparently it’s the going rate for 2 days’ work!

I let her know that it wasn’t the best of offers for me, but that I was willing to take it, prove my worth and hopefully see the wage improve over time. I also view it as the opportunity to finally get my foot through the door, something through which I can gain experience in an area I want to pursue. I can only hope that it will almost certainly lead to bigger and better things.

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