Three misconceptions about holistic dentists

Focusing on your health does not just mean eating five different kinds of fruit and veg a day, or drinking two liters of water, or walking for half an hour. Yes, all of those things are excellent ways of getting healthier, but they are not the be all and end all of your health. Many people do not realize that the one way that they could single handedly improve their health is actually to go to a dentist: they would be able to tell you not only your dental health, but also your general health as well – as long as you had gone to see a holistic dentist. They are often misunderstood in many ways, and there are three common misconceptions about holistic dentists that they are always having to explain:

No, we don’t just ‘hope’ for cures

Holistic dentistry isn’t about sitting there and hoping that a patient is cured! This is probably the biggest misunderstanding that surrounds holistic dentists, and that is that although they can diagnose a patient well, they will then not do anything but tell the patient to have ‘positive thoughts’. This is absolute nonsense! A holistic dentist will always work hard at treating and curing their patients – and also pre-empting potential problems down the way and preventing them from cropping up in the first place. There is nothing to do with blind hope when it comes to holistic dentistry.

Yes, we have got dental training

Every single holistic dentist goes through the exact same training as a ‘normal’, or traditional dentist. They have the same degrees and certifications as any other dentist that you go and see – the only difference, actually, is that a holistic dentist has received even more training on top of that! If you want to see the best trained dentists with the most amount of experience, then holistic dentists are the ones to go to, because they continue their education on for longer than other dentists. This allows holistic dentists to consider more options when it comes to treatments and cures.

Yes, we do offer ‘modern’ treatments

If anything, the treatments that holistic dentists use are often more modern than those used by traditional dentists! We have known for decades now that mercury is a poison, for example, a substance that can cause blindness, madness, and eventually death, and yet traditional dentists are still using mercury within fillings for their patients. The more modern approach, as Dr Paige Woods a holistic dentist from San Diego always uses, is a composite that looks and feels exactly like a natural tooth. It isn’t made from anything harmful, and once it is in you will hardly notice that it is even there.
It may be surprising to realize just how much you thought about holistic dentists was actually wrong, but it is a common problem. Not enough people learn about holistic dentistry when they consider their options, and if more people knew the benefits of going to see a holistic dentist over that of a traditional dentist, chances are that they would be a lot more popular.

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